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Disc Golf Course Components

Understanding Disc Golf Course Components.

Disc Pole Holes™ – Tee Signs – Tee Pads

Three basic Disc Golf Course Components  go into a course design, Disc Pole Holes™, Tee Signs and Tee Pads. Additional items to consider in your design and budget are a practice putting Pole Hole™ area, benches, garbage cans, bathrooms, concessions, pro shop and landscaping. In many cases, these items may already be in place in existing parks. Pro-shop and concessions are discussed in detail in the Pay for Play section.

Disc Pole Holes™

The most important components of a Disc Golf Course.

Disc Pole Holes™ are the main and most important components of a disc golf course. Decisions on which Disc Pole Holes™ to install in your course depends on your course design objectives. High traffic or professional courses should consider Mach V™ or Mach III™ Disc Pole Holes. Churches, Camps and Schools should consider the Mach New II™ Disc Pole Holes. Find out more about the DGA Disc Pole Hole Disc Golf Baskets here…

Disc Pole Holes™ come in three styles: No Frills, which cements directly into the ground for a permanent installation; Portable: a freestanding Pole Hole with a portable base with wheel; Deluxe, which are removable using a permanent anchor cemented in the ground and collar assembly fastened to the basket’s pole. With the anchor and collar option, one Disc Pole Hole™ can have multiple anchors for alternate basket placements.

In addition, Disc Pole Holes™ come in a range of finishes. All of our baskets are Galvanized head to toe and special industrial grade Powdercoat Pole Hole finishes are also available and come in blue and orange. These color options spice up a course and add visibility to the Disc Pole Hole™. Additional Powdercoat colors are available with special orders.

Additional Disc Pole Hole™ Anchors for each hole can create alternate Pole Hole placements and layout flexibility.

Tee Signs

The map to the each of the courses hole

Located at each tee, Tee Signs are the map to the hole. They give important information like the distance, par, the preferred flight path, hazards and out of bounds. Sponsorship Tee Signs have two panels, the first used for the tee information and the second for sponsorship or advertisement. Additionally, Rule signs, Front 9 Signs, Back 9 Signs, and Boundary Signs sign are available for courses.

Tee Pads

The foundation to start each hole

For each hole, a tee provides a firm and level foundation to start play from, “tee off”. Tee pads need to be free of debris and provide sure footing. Tees are usually composed of poured concrete slabs, decomposed granite, or more recently dense rubber pads. Tee pads need to be durable and resistant to  weathering. Installing alternative tee pads for a given hole can significantly add to the challenge and fun of a hole.