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Disc Golf Course Design

Disc Golf Course Design

Disc Golf Course Design

Your disc golf course design makes or breaks your course’s success. Spend the time and effort on making your course’s layout and design the best it can be.

Course design is paramount for a successful course. Get it right the first time. It doesn’t matter if you have 27 of the nicest custom powder-coated Mach III deluxe disc pole holes and custom color Tee signs if your course design is not thoroughly thought out.

Making a Great Disc Golf Course Design

A great course design is more than just a collection of fun or spectacular holes. A great course design emphasizes the character and flow of the course as a whole.

The more imagination that goes into the overall course, the more successful it will be. Each hole should flow from one to the next, providing challenging and varied shot options while also being fun to walk.

Each course has unique geography and flora. A great design will utilize these natural characteristics using the natural beauty and terrain to the course design’s advantage.

One of the coolest features of Disc Golf is that your course can virtually go anywhere in any topography. Using the natural terrain to dictate your course design. The North West coastal mountain forests of Oregon will yield rugged technical course designs. Designing courses along the Florida coast might end up with a lush green manicured championship disc golf course with sloped greens and challenging fairways lined with native live oak trees and emerald pines.

The incredible flexibility of where a disc golf course can be installed is one of the unique aspects of disc golf that makes designing disc golf courses so intriguing.

Targeted Course Design

Installing a Disc Golf Course can be flexible to meet your needs.

From the outset, you should decide on who your target audience is. Are your goals to provide added recreational and healthy lifestyle outlets for the local community? Do you want to provide a setting that will attract Disc Golfers from around the world and tournament play, or both?

Your vision for the course can also incorperate future growing needs. Your course design can be flexible in such a way as to easily add Disc Pole Holes or even a second course in the future.