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Throws & Strategy of Tournament Play

Throws & Strategy of Tournament Play by “Steady” Ed Headrick was written in the late 1970 early 1980′s and was the first book about how to play disc golf.Ed Headrick was running the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) out of the DGA offices in Lakeport California.

An excerpt from the book “Throws & Strategy of tournament Play” Titled “Putting” was included in this first edition the P.D.G.A. Rules of Play written by Ed Headrick,  Dan Mangone, PDGA SoCalRegional Pro, Dr. Dan Roddick, Director of the International Frisbee Disc Association, and Al Bonopane, of the International Frisbee Disc Association.

1) The Putt

2) The Approach

3) Teeing Off

4) Disc Flight

5) Conclusion