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Kimbodia Knecht

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Ambassador Team – Kimbodia Knecht

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Kimbodia Knecht – DGA Ambassador Team

Top 5 Courses:

  • The Redwood Curtain, Humboldt
  • Peregrine Point, Chico
  • Shady Oaks, Sacramento
  • Somerset Country Club
  • College of the Redwoods, Humboldt
San Francisco Disc Golf Course Group Shot

San Francisco Disc Golf Course Group Shot

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Monarch Migration, Sacramento
  2. Daisy Chains, Santa Cruz
  3. Goddess Games, Humboldt
  4. Steady Ed’s Birthday Bash, Lakeport
  5. Skull Master Disaster, New Hogan Park

Most Memorable Tournament Moment or Win:

California Amateur State Disc Golf Championships: St. Patrick’s Classic at Shady Oaks Disc Golf Course, Orangevale, CA.

What is the best advice you have for a disc golfer that’s just started playing:

Kimbodia Knecht - DGA Ambassador Team

Kimbodia Knecht – DGA Ambassador Team

Go out and play alone and play often. I played one year by myself developing my game. People were interested in who I was and quickly invited me to join their clubs and tournaments. It is important to play with people who know the rules and explain them to you as you develop into a tournament player.


  1. GB #554 says:

    Hello Kim, I am really curious as to how you got this many females to play disc golf??? Here in Florida, in the entire state, there might be 35 female players. You have over over a hundred ladies in just one town. At least there are that many in one of the pictures on here. So what are you doing to get other women to play with your group? Gary Burdick #554

  2. Kimbodia says:

    Dear Gary,
    Wow, PDGA #554. Thanks for your inquiry. I read once “ a club that meets once a month can double your happiness.” Ladies Disc Golf Club of Sacramento meets on the 1st Saturday of the Month. During this tournament I host two division (Advanced and Intermediate) I pay out half the field and award a prize to the 1st place player. We only pay $5 to play, so the pay-out is not huge, but fun. I also try to have the ladies donate any item for a small free raffle (Participation) LDGC also awards points for attendance and placing. Any PDGA event the ladies play they earn 9 points for 1st, 7 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd and 2 points for attending. Point trophies are awarded once a year during the Monarch Migration Tournament. It also takes someone being the TD or President for the year. I TD most events, but I do award 10 points to ladies who want to host a venue instead of myself. I hope that is a simple start to getting more women to play.

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