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Joel Dunst

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DGA Ambassador Team Member Joel Dunst Bio


  • Division: Men’s Am
  • PDGA#:  45832
  • Rating:  973
  • Playing Since: 1992
  • Pro Since: 2009
  • Home Town:   Tucson, Az
  • Home Town Course:  Santa Cruz River DG Park
  • Most Current Player Stats – PDGA

Favorites: Gear | Courses | Tournaments

Top 5 Courses:

  1. Golden Gate, CA
  2. Marana Rock, AZ
  3. Robert L. Smith, NC
  4. Water Works Park, MO
  5. Humboldt State University, CA

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Coyote Point Classic
  2. Lockdown at the Rock
  3. The Memorial
  4. Am World
  5. Am Nationals

Most Memorable Tournament win or moment in DG?

  1. Coming from behind to win the 2013 Coyote Classic Amateur Division.
  2. I bought my dad a disc for Christmas and after all the gifts were open my family and I went out to play some disc. Before my dad was able to throw his disc I pull it out of his bag ask “how does this fly” and before he could answer the disc hit the chains, my dad turns around hi-fives me and ask “ hey where’s that new disc”?
  3. Parking a shot on my warm up round at the 2012 Am worlds in front of all the big pros I started walking off to the basket and when I turned to acknowledge the applause I slip in a mud puddle and fall head over heels right into it. As I lied there covered in mud all I could here was my caddie (my dad) laughing at me then all the pros took a que from that and joined in as well.
  4. The moment I found out I was apart of the DGA family.

What is your best tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Have fun!!! Enjoy your self. Enjoy the course. Enjoy the sport.
Don’t get down on your self you will get better.

Joel Dunst - DGA Ambassador Team

Joel Dunst – DGA Ambassador Team


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