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Arm Farm Team – Dylan Horst

Favorites: Gear | Courses | Tournaments

  • Favorite DGA Disc:
    Squall, this disc is so versitile that I can put it on any angle, it will flip a little but hold for a while!
  • Favorite DGA Apparel Item:
    DGA Team polo is sweet and is very comfortable!!
Dylan Horst Putting

Dylan Horst – DGA Team Arm Farm

Top 5 Courses:

  1. Hawk Hollow
  2. Renaissance
  3. Winthrop:
    Only at #3 because I’ve never played it but have watched so many videos on this and would instantly love it!
  4. Kensington Toboggan(AM Nats):
    Played it once in 2010 and fell in love! A lot of elevation changes with so many cool shots.
  5. Whispering Falls:
    Great mix of in the woods and nice air shots with sweet views.

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Worlds!
  2. Bowling Green Amateur Championships
  3. Am Nationals
  4. PA States
  5. Scholl’s Bicycle Centers Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open

Most Memorable Tournament win or moment in DG?

I have 2 that I will never forget!

  1. Winning a putting championship in the Bowling Green Amateur Championships in 2010. Won Zen-to-Ten. 2 people made all 10 consecutively, 1 made 9 and there was a 15 way tie at 8 when I arrived with 15 mins left. They wanted the top 4 for the finals. I made it to 8 and missed 9 to make it 16 people tied for the last spot. When getting the players packages, they wanted you to come to the set up when not waiting in line to have 1 shot and do your best. I got to 7 and watched the whole time and everyone else try it. Tied someone at 7 and we had a playoff. 3 times we went and I edged him out to make the finals. During the finals we had 3 tries to get our highest. I tied someone at 8 for the win and we went other time, I got to 7 and he missed at 6 for me to win! Have not been able to putt as well ever since!
  2. Last year in the Amateur world championships in Mini golf(not disc) and there was a 3 way tie for the lead and we played a final 9 around the hotel and on the bridge over the creek. After 3 holes I was losing by 3 and I decided to just have fun. One hole with a split in the bridge and we tee-ed from one side to play safe to the beginning of the fork or go for the gap. Everyone played safe and I went for the gap and hit the mini basket on the top and the crowd went wild! Caught up to 1 going into the last hole and it was a long one shooting to the bank on the other side with the basket on the edge right on the edge of the 30 ft drop-off to the water. Kenny Glassman, who had the lead was there for an easy 3 while I was in the bushes with a 25 foot mini putt to tie. I look at my LAFS(Lancaster Area Frisbee Sports) mini and said to myself, “Ok LAFS, lets see if I can bring this home.” I DRILL the putt while Mike Thompson records it all and the crowd goes insane!! I end up missing a 5 ft putt after playing the same hole 3 more times because of ties, but that putt was the best moment in my career, looking for one of those putts to happen in my DG career next!!

What is the strongest part of your Disc Golf game?

Scrambling out of trouble: getting off the fairway usually happens but having a lot of shots in my arsenal like a grenade and having skills in ultimate using the finesse backhand and flick have changed my game and have helped me out of trouble in numerous occasions.

What is your best tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

    Dylan Horst Putting

    Dylan Horst Putting

  • Stay in shape!:
    Getting in shape for Ultimate has built my confidence in DG giving me the energy that is needed with long rounds and tournaments. Going on a run and working out can give you more power and distance with less effort than going out into a field every day and working on drives. This way you work all of your muscles instead of certain ones when you throw.
  • Stop throwing so hard!:
    I have heard this way too many times in my history playing. Don’t go out and throw a disc hard all of the time. If you throw at 75%, most of the time it will go as far and with better accuracy than throwing with everything. Worlds this year in longest drive, I made sure my form was good, still threw 570′ and the one time I went for all the power, it turned into a roller.
  • Learn ALL of your discs for every shot you have:
    I have used my backhand, flick, grenade, and thumber with most of the discs in my bag even putters and have learned how they fly and what they will do. Learn the potential of all discs in the bag!


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