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Jon Baldwin

2011 Pro Masters Disc Golf World Champion!

DGA Team Member Jonathan Baldwin Bio

Jon Baldwin Pro Masters Disc Golf World Champion

Jon Baldwin Pro Masters Disc Golf World Champion and DGA Team Captain

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  • Favorite DGA Disc: DGA Aftershock
  • Favorite DGA Apparel Item: Hoodie

Top 5 Courses:

  1. De Laveaga.
  2. Nockamixon.
  3. Whistlers Bend.
  4. Milo Mcgiver (Beaver State Fling Layout).
  5. Nasu Highlands.

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. The Beaver State Fling.
  2. The Masters Cup.
  3. Japan Open.
  4. Coyote Classic.
  5. Patapsco Picnic, MD.
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Most Memorable Tournament Moment:

- Winning the 2011 Pro Masters Disc Golf World Championships.

- Tough to pick, but probably the 2007 NorCal Championships in Oroville, CA. I found out with one hole to go in the tournament that I could tie for the lead with a birdie, and I through about a 380 foot shot to with in 15′ for the tie. Then it was myself and Ray Johnson playing off on hole 1, and we both drove to within about 30′, he putted first and missed, I stood over my putt for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for my eyes to stop blinking from nerves, and once they stopped, I aimed for the heart of the basket and somehow it went in for my first PDGA Open Division win! All the Santa Cruz guys were watching in support and afterwards we all went out for Margaritas on me!

Top 5 Courses Details:

  1. De Laveaga, CA: Very technical drives, approaches, and extremely dangerous greens. Having the right distance shot is not enough, you need to land at the correct angle as determined by the slope of the greens.
  2. Nockamixon, PA: Beautiful fairways through woods of deciduous trees, par 4′s & 5′s, elevation, streams, open grassy hills, views of a lake, just an amazing amount of variety in shots and scenery.
  3. Whistlers Bend, OR: Beautiful location surrounded by a river, the course progresses through a meadow, into a pine forest and then out into rolling grass fields and oak trees. An 800 foot “top of the world” style shot and lots of views of the river through out.
  4. Milo Mcgiver, OR (Beaver State Fling Layout): Huge trees, beautiful river and some of the funnest shots. Par 4′s and 5′s. Technical and open tee shots. Course was originally designed as an executive ball golf course, so there are lots of grassy fairways and it feels like a ball golf course.
  5. Nasu Highlands, Japan: Wow, what a course. Designed on a exclusive ball golf course, unbelievable views, very challenging, fun shots. Par 4s and 5s, elevation. Golf carts and vending machines with ice cold Asahi Dry Beer! Seriously? In a word, EPIC!

Victory at the 2011 PDGA World Championships, Monterey Bay, California, August 7-11th.
What a week it was, truly one I will never forget. Though I was playing very well for me, and in the lead or near the lead for the majority of the tournament, until this putt dropped, I was never expecting this was going to happen. I was very confident that if I continued to play as I was, I could do well, but just thinking about the possibility of winning a world title was unnerving, so I just tried to never look any farther ahead than my next shot. It turned out to be a great way to be fully absorbed in the moment, and allowed me to flow in a very intuitive, confident way. Definitely a factor in my tournament success. Another key factor was being in the right place at the right time.

I felt very forutunate that the worlds came to my back yard, mostly riding on the shoulders of a very enthusiastic disc golf promoter and my friend, Tom Schot. His energy and enthusiasm are what made this tournament happen. For those things, I will always be grateful to him for having the opportunity to be a part of the epic event that it turned out to be.

I was blessed to have the priviledge to contend for the World Championships on the very courses where I learned to play the game. Delaveaga in Santa Cruz, CSUMB in Seaside, and two relative new comers to the Monterey Bay area disc golf scene, Ryan Ranch in the Del Rey Oaks area of Monterey and Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf couse in Watsonville. I had played Delaveaga since 2000 or so, it was the first permanent disc golf course I had ever seen, and I have been a steady user of the park ever since. Not long after that I began playing tournaments and the CSUMB Otter Open at the Cypress course was one of my first few tournaments, so I knew that course as well.

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