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Clay Ebertowski Driving - Team DGA

Clay Ebertowski Driving – Team DGA

  • Favorite DGA Disc: So far my favorite DGA disc is the Shockwave. Its probably the most reliable disc in my bag and I can always trust it to hook back left. I throw it into the wind, on big hyzers, forehands and lots of flex shots!

Top 5 Courses:

  1. Blue Ribbon Pines
  2. Oak Island
  3. CP Adams
  4. Jones Park – East Course
  5. Cedar Creek – West

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Cedar Creek Open
  2. Minnesota Majestic
  3. Memorial Championship
  4. MFA Fall Championships
  5. Spring Rip It
Clay Ebertowski driving - Team DGA

Clay Ebertowski driving – Team DGA

Why did you choose to be part of Team DGA?

DGA is a solid company that makes great discs and accessories that fit my style of playing. My style and what I bring can compliment the outstanding players that are already on team DGA.

What is the strongest part of your Disc Golf game?

Staying focused while analyzing what I need to do to play my best!

What is your best physical tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Putt. Putt! PUTT! Putt until it becomes second nature.

What is your best mental tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Your confidence is not based on what someone else says or how they treat you, its based on your focus and ability to play the game.

How do you prepare for a big event both mentally and physically?

Physically I go to the course a few days early to practice all the shots I will need and mentally I go in the hot tub at the hotel and make my game plan!

Clay Ebertowski Drums

Clay Ebertowski hitting the beats!


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