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Christopher Potton

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Ambassador Team – Christopher Potton Bio

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Favorites: Gear | Courses | Tournaments

Chris Potton and Family

Top 5 Courses:

  1. La Mirada
  2. Oak Grove
  3. Texas Army Trail
  4. Windwood
  5. Kit Carson


Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Spring Valleys Open
  2. 2011 Pro Worlds
  3. Any Military Tournament

Most Memorable Tournament win or moment in DG?

Plying a casual round at Morley Field, teaching a new player how the game is played. On hole 5 in the long 415ft position I threw a SP Hurricane, and ACED it. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to show someone how DGA disc fly, then to ace a hole.

What is the strongest part of your Disc Golf game?

Able to scramble out of a bad situation and save par!

What is your best tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Christopher Potton DGA Ambassader Team

Have fun, choose the right disc for the job. The player who has the most fun wins. And practice, practice, practice.


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