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Josh Castle

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Josh Castle Drive

  • Favorite DGA Disc: SP Undertow
  • Favorite DGA Apparel Item: Stealth Hat

Top 5 Courses:

  1. Delaveaga DGC
  2. Kings River DGC
  3. Perry Championship DGC
  4. Perry Outback DGC
  5. Woodward Legacy DGC

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. End of the Trail Classic
  2. April Foolz @ Kings River
  3. Bakersfield CVS
  4. Fresno CVS
  5. Visailia CVS

Most Memorable Tournament win or moment in DG?

Winning the Hanford CVS 2012!

What is the strongest part of your Disc Golf game?

Playing well under pressure

What is your best tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Play with better players so you can pick up on small tips or tricks that can make a huge difference in our game.


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