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Kent Schafer

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Ambassador Team – Kent Schafer

Kent Schafer Profile

  • Division: Advanced
  • PDGA#: 22662
  • Rating: 948
  • Playing Since: 2000
  • Home Town:  Springfield, IL
  • Home Town Course: Honed my Skills at Springfield, Illinois Courses. Now my home course is the 6 holer at Wisconsin school for the Deaf where I try and expose 100+ students yearly to disc golf
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Favorites: Gear | Courses | Tournaments

Kent Schafer

  • Favorite DGA Disc: Sparkle Hurricane

Top 5 Courses:

  1. Blueberry at Highbridge, WI
    The scenery at highbridge is amazing. The area is rough, remote and hard to get to but once you get there you are rewarded with several fantastic courses. As an amateur, I would consider Blueberry to be the most pleasing to play.
  2. Lincoln Park at Springfield, IL
    I’m partial to a course, well two courses now, that I had a hand in help shaping along with the SDGC crew. The park district is awesome to work with. There are multiple deuces as well as fairway decisions to be made to try and earn a “3″ on the hole. Quite a few revisions have gone through this park as we try to make it even better than before. The use of a city park with park roads, slight elevation, some trees, and a lil bit of water provide multiple challenges and leaves you with happy thoughts.
  3. Idlewild at Burlington, KY
    Boy, Fred Salaz among others put a lot of effort into creating an ultimate disc golf destination. Creating intentional fairways, reseeding them, crushed limestone where high foot traffic occurs, wooden bridges, the O.B. lines, grass mowed and many more features that blew me away. Multiple shots occur on just about every hole there. Be prepared to spend an entire day there drooling over the amount of time and backbreaking effort was spent to create a slice of paradise for us visitors.
  4. Hiestand at Madison, WILeft, right, straight, up, down, sideways and spitouts- this course has it all. It doesn’t get as much praise as a nearby course called Token Creek but I call Hiestand the hidden gem of Wisconsin.
  5. McNasty at Pekin, IL- 10 years ago, this course was one of the best by traveling pros, today- it still is. The holes tell you to throw straight, your body deceives you. Get off the fairway and end up in the nasty rough. Stay on the fairway and feel rewarded for throwing straight. Can you imagine people been raving about this course in the past 10 years while only using gravel tees? Guess what, it got better with the blue tees finally getting concrete pads recently. Oh my!

Top 5 Tournaments:

  1. Anything hosted by the Springfield, IL Disc Golf Club
    Good food, good courses, prep+ maintenance, solid player pack. The best in the business of having fun.
  2. Standing Rocks Open by Randy Schukar
    Putting on a temp course once a year for two weekends. One for the amateur weekend and one for the pro weekend in consecutive weeks takes gusto. Lots of huevo and tremendous amount of respect from the volunteers. Doing all the coursework and prep in a torrential downpour earns my respect. I was blown by this event and definitely understand why it fills out fast every year. Anything hosted by Terry Miller- A veteran of disc golf, Terry knows what it takes to put on a good show.
  3. Deaf National Disc Golf Tournaments
    Occur once a year. Great chance to see 50-100 deaf disc golfers nationwide converge onto your town and compete for the title in their respective divisions. The camaderie and friendships rekindled cannot be beat.
  4. Anything hosted by the Wallis family
    They have been around the game for so long. Not enough thanks can be given from me for all that they have contributed to the sport. If you are in the Peoria, IL area- check them out.
  5. Anything hosted by Terry Miller
    A veteran of disc golf, Terry knows what it takes to put on a good show.

What is your best tip for a disc golfer that has just started playing?

Start out with two discs. One for far. One for short. Don’t count the strokes. See basket. Is it far? Use Far disc. Is it short? Use short disc. Have fun. Walk with them. Swap some stories. Tell them to throw the short disc or the far disc on some holes (an extra throw). Try to focus on keeping the disc flat as possible when releasing- When finished with the course… wish them the best and hope to see them again. My proudest moment tip-wise was watching a Grandmaster age Deaf player nail an ace on his 19th ever hole with a putter.

Kent’s Deaf Disc Golf Videos – How To’s Disc Golf Lessons

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