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Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course Threatened

Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course Threatened

Save Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course:

Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course, home of the 2011 PDGA Pro Worlds Disc Golf Championships is threatened. A small group of people who live in Soquel oppose the Pinto Lake Disc Golf Course in Watsonville and they have petitioned the Santa Cruz County Parks Recreation Commission to have the course removed! Please help and show your support!

What can you do?

  1. E-mail Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend and let him know how you feel about Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Course. This will only take a minute of your time, but your input is valuable.
  2. You can also sign the Facebook Petition to show your support for the Pinto Lake Championship Disc Golf Course!
  3. Show your support and visit Pinto Lake Disc Golf Club or call Santa Cruz County Parks 831-454-220
  4. Come to the Parks & Recreation Commission meeting Monday April 15 at 7 PM and show your support for disc golf in Santa Cruz County Parks. The meeting will be held at the Simkin Swim Center, 979 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (in Live Oak, Soquel Ave exit from Hwy 1).

The Pinto Lake County park disc golf course is tucked into the outskirts of Watsonville in the Monterey Bay. The course is familiar to disc golf enthusiasts who followed the 2011 PDGA Pro Worlds Disc Golf Championships that were played there.

The 18 hole course is designed by Disc Golf Hall Of Famer Tom Schot, a renown disc golf course designer with over four decades of disc sports experience. Tom also designed and founded the famous DeLaveaga disc golf course in Santa Cruz, Ca in 1983. People familiar with DeLaveaga will remember how the course transformed the area from a local garbage dump littered with refuse, broken glass, old appliances and broken-down cars, inhabited by squatters and used for four-wheeling into a beautifully cared for park, safe for people of all ages to enjoy.

Pinto Lake County park disc golf course was designed by Tom to fit into the natural surroundings of the park with multi-use at the core of the design philosophy. Part of this philosophy embraces the goal of bringing new people into the park system. Disc golf at Pinto Lake park now realizes this vision and the park is accessible by all to explore and enjoy. Please show your support for this gem of a course!


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