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Product Review: DGA Elite Shield disc golf bag

Product Review: DGA Elite Shield disc golf bag

Product Review: DGA Elite Shield disc golf bag

Jack Trageser over at just came out with a thorough review of the DGA Elite Shield bag.

By Jack Trageser — Rattling Chains staff
After using the DGA Elite Shield bag for more than a month, it is my favorite bag ever, as well as the best accessory product ever marketed by Disc Golf Association. Time will tell whether it passes the all-important durability test, but it seems to be very well equipped in that regard as well.

It should be mentioned right that one’s preference of disc golf bags — like the golf discs they are designed to carry — is a highly subjective matter. Most significant in this regard is size. Some prefer the minimalist approach — a bag that is as small as possible and meant to hold a few discs and maybe a water bottle. Others have a rather different philosophy, and represent the “If there is even the remotest chance I might need it, I will carry it” school of thought. These folks want to carry 30 or more discs, two wardrobe changes, enough food and water to survive in the wilderness for 10 days, and seven miscellaneous pockets and straps full of other stuff.

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About the DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bag
The Elite Shield™ Disc Golf Bag is a medium sized bag that offers a multitude of unique features that are designed with the disc golfer in mind, including a hard case protective “Shield Pocket” that will keep your valuables safe and dry. This disc golf bag also features a retractable towel clip for easy access, and so you never have to worry about losing your towel during a round again.
Read more about the DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bag here on the website.


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