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In the Bag with DGA ProLine Team member Shasta Criss

In the Bag with DGA ProLine Team member Shasta Criss

Shasta goes through his bag and discusses his discs. Video coverage by CentralCoastDiscGolf of Shasta hucking, chucking, driving and putting on the same discs so that you can see them in flight.

In the bag with DGA ProLine team member Shasta Criss

Atlantis – Old school Reef.
Reef – His “putting putters”.
Titanic – Upshots and driving putter. Wind Putter (more understable).

Aftershock – Goto Midrange.
D-Line Aftershock – beat in and really flippy.
Squall – Goto in between fairway driver and mid-range shots. Also turn over shots, technical rollers, hard-pan straight sliding finishes.
Shockwave – Over-stable midrange for dumping left.

Fairway Drivers:
Undertow – 300′-350′ shots with nice tight S-Curve, nice Hyzer disc.
Rogue – Very straight and turnover shots, good for cut rollers, Hyzer releases finishing straight.
Hurricane – Faster Driver, good into the headwind, good predictable hyzers, doesn’t flip over.
First Flight Hurricanes – Straight 350′+ drives.

Whats in your bag?

Elite Shield Bag

Elite Shield Bag

About Shasta Criss – (Team DGA Page).

About CCDG:
CentralCoastDiscGolf has a cool youtube channel featuring a variety of disc golf videos.


  1. Archangel442 says:

    I could totally go for one of those shockwaves, I need a new overstable mid…

  2. Jay_LeQ says:

    Really cool video. Before watching the video, I just ordered an Elite Shield Bag and a SP Squall. But after hearing you, sounds like I should have ordered the Aftershock. I might have to try one of those out.

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