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Standard Framed Tee Signs

Standard Framed Tee Signs

Standard Framed Tee Sign Information

8x11Standard Framed Tee Sign

Standard Framed Tee Signs

Tee Sign Frame DimensionsDGA Framed Tee Signs are designed to provide the most durable disc golf tee sign option. Framed signs are designed to look good and not easily be damaged by vandals. Sturdy Frames and pipe are hot-dipped galvanized, welded steel construction. DGA Standard Framed Tee Signs consist of a steel frame surrounding a 8×11 lexan tee panel. A silk screened decal kit with disc golf course tee graphics is provided for do it yourself layouts. Standard Framed Tee Signs are durable and functional and perfect for heavy use parks where vandalism is a concern.

  • 8″x11″ Lexan plate insert
  • Do it yourself decal kit
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and frame for extra security & durability

Sign Price: $60.00

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  • Sign – 8″ x 11″ Hole Layout Pane: White Lexan plastic panel, pop riveted into place. Includes silk screened template sheet with par, feet and hole layout and a clear 3M™ Scotchcal™ severe weather and handling adhesive cover film.
  • Sign Frame – Welded and hot dipped galvanized.
  • Collar – 10.25″ x 1 15/16″ I.D., sleeve. Welded and hot dipped galvanized pipe, drilled.
  • Frames – 8″ x 11″ Angle iron 1″x1″x1/8″ hot rolled steel and hot dipped galvanized. Bolt, hex head nut and nylon lock nut, tec screw and star lock washer mounting hardware.
  • Pop Rivets – Pre-installed on Hole Layout Pane (locking bolts used on Sponsor Pane for accessibility).
  • Pole – 63″ x 1″ I.D., hot dipped galvanized, drilled.

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Will my signs come with mounting posts and hardware to complete the installation?

Yes. Our custom designed tee sign frames come with galvanized poles and mounting hardware.

Do I provide my own drawings of each hole layout?

No. Our Standard Framed and Standard Sponsor Framed Tee Signs come with do-it-yourself adhesive decals and numbers so that you can design your own hole layouts. This is the most economical and cost efficient way of getting your tee signs completed.

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