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Framed Rules Sign

Framed Rules Sign

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Framed Rule Sign

Framed Rules Sign

Tee Sign Frame DimensionsDGA Framed Rules Sign is designed to provide the most durable disc golf Rule Signs option. Framed Rules Signs are designed to look good and not easily be damaged by vandals. Sturdy Frames and pipe are hot-dipped galvanized, welded steel construction. The 8″x11″ Aluminum Sign with UV-resistant Ink is protected by a 1/8″ plate of clear lexan and is pop riveted inside the protective steel frame. Sign displays disc golf rules for recreational play.

  • 8″x11″ Aluminum Sign with UV-resistant Ink
  • Rules for Recreational Play
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and frame for extra security & durability

Sign Price: $65

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  • Signs – 8” x 11” Hole Layout Pane: Aluminum Panel with clear lexan cover panel, pop riveted into place.
    Color sign with disc golf rules of recreational play.
  • Sign Frames – Welded and hot dipped galvanized. 
  • Collar – 10.75” x 13/10 “ I.D., sleeve. Welded and hot dipped galvanized pipe, drilled.
  • Frames – 8” x 11” Angle iron 1”x1”x1/8” hot rolled steel and hot dipped galvanized. Bolt, hex head nut and nylon locknut, tec screw and star lock washer mounting hardware.
  • Pop Rivets – Pre-installed on Hole Layout Pane.
  • Pole – 63” x 1 “ I.D., hot dipped galvanized, drilled.

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Will my signs come with mounting posts and hardware to complete the installation?

Yes. Our custom designed tee sign frames come with galvanized poles and mounting hardware.

Can I add rules specific to my course to the Rules Sign?

Unfortunately, no we can’t. These signs are all pre-produced with DGA’s Rules For Recreational Play. Any course specific rules would need to be posted in a different means.

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