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Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs

Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs

Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Sign Information

Color Sponsor Tee Sign

Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs

Sponsor Tee Sign FrameDGA Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs are designed to provide a durable disc golf sponsor tee sign with custom full color graphical layout. Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs look professional, are not easily damaged and provide for hole sponsorship. Sturdy Frames and pipe are hot-dipped galvanized, welded steel construction. DGA Standard Framed Sponsor Tee Signs consist of a steel frame surrounding two separate 8″x11″ tee panels, one panel for tee information and one panel for sponsor information.

The first panel is an attractive full color custom tee sign with great graphics, hole detail and available with choice of colors and fonts. Your course logo can be incorporated into the design and there are different custom layout themes to start from. The second mounted white lexan panel comes with a clear lexan cover panel installed with locking bolts. Sponsor information can be placed between the white and clear lexan panels. Color Deluxe Framed Sponsor Tee Signs are durable and functional and perfect for heavy use parks where vandalism is a concern.

  • Extremely durable and designed for heavily used Park
  • Provides a means to sponsor a hole
  • Two Panels (8″x11″ Aluminum Sign with UV-resistant Ink & 8″x11″ lexan plate insert)
  • Customized Full Color Tee Layout
  • Professional graphics design
  • Graphical fairways hazards, trees, water, etc.
  • Logo or Custom Naming
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and frame for extra security & durability

Sign Price: $135

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  • Signs: 2(8” x 11”) panes. Hole Layout Pane: Aluminum Panel with clear Lexan cover panel, pop riveted into place. Custom printing on Aluminum panel with par, feet and custom hole layout. Sponsor Pane: White Lexan Panel with clear Lexan cover panel installed with locking bolts.
  • Sign Frames: Welded and hot dipped galvanized.

  • Collar: 10.25” x 115/16 “ I.D., sleeve. Welded and hot dipped galvanized pipe, drilled.
  • Frames: 2(8” x 11”), 11” x 17” total. Angle iron 1”x1”x1/8” hot rolled steel and hot dipped galvanized. Bolt, hex head nut and nylon locknut, tec screw and star lock washer mounting hardware.
  • Pop Rivets: Pre-installed on Hole Layout Pane (locking bolts used on Sponsor Pane for accessibility).
  • Pole: 63” x 1” I.D., 115/16 “ O.D., hot dipped galvanized, drilled.


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Do I provide my own drawings of each hole layout?

No. Not unless you already have something drawn that you’d like to provide to help the process. Once you’ve placed your order for tee signs, you’ll be provided with additional documentation for providing hole information. You will then communicate with our tee sign development partner to finalize the sign design.

Will we get to see the finalized signs prior to shipping?

Yes. You will be required to approve all artwork proofs prior to the final sign development. Once you have approved the artwork, any requested changes to the sign artwork will be your financial responsibility.

What if I haven't yet to finalize hole designs?

We will not be able to complete your tee signs until all hole information has been finalized. If you are ordering other course equipment with your tee sign order, all other course equipment will be shipped ahead of the tee signs. Additional shipping costs may apply. DGA asks that the final hole information be provided shortly after order is placed, so that order can be completed in a timely manner.

Will DGA design course logos for tee signs?

Unfortunately, no we don’t. We ask that all artwork outside of the hole layouts that we create.

Will my signs come with mounting posts and hardware to complete the installation?

Yes. Our custom designed tee sign frames come with galvanized poles and mounting hardware.

Do I need to provide hole sponsor information at the time of order?

Yes. If you’d like a sponsor added to each custom sign, you’ll need to provide it when supplying hole information.

However, the sponsor pane area will be blank. You will have the ability to create or receive an 8” x 11” advertisement for the hole sponsor. The artwork will be sandwiched between the white and clear Lexan plates on the sponsor pane side of the frame.

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