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Disc Golf Equipment Installation Check List

Disc golf equipment installation begins with a check list of part and materials. The more complicated the equipment installation the more detailed your check list could be. The following is a small sample of some of the things you may want to include on a installation check list for course installations.

Typical Disc Golf Course Construction installation Check List

  • Complete and submit any permits if necessary for clearing or construction.
  • Excavation, digging or boring into soil should be performed only after verifying that any utilities have been located and marked by a competent person.
  • Completed course map identifying tees, baskets. Provide key and illustrations showing showing proposed paths, clearing, existing/proposed utilities.
  • Identify key access points for vehicles.
  • Contact list of volunteers or workers.
  • If necessary, have all volunteers fill out ‘waiver of liability’ forms prior to work.

Disc Golf Equipment:

  • Make sure that you have all Disc Golf equipment prior to installation.
  • Disc Pole Holes: (Basket, Chain Holder, Pole, Anchor and Collar, bolts washers, nuts, decals, number plates, locks, etc
  • Alternate pin anchors
  • Tee signs (Frames, Poles, nuts and bolts).


  • Tee pad (cement, forms and cement tools, etc).
  • Markers (Distance markers, path markers, tee markers, etc).
  • Clearing tools (Chainsaws, chippers, handsaws, clippers, etc).

Potential Subcontracting:

  • Large cement orders (Cement truck).
  • Tree and stump removals.
  • Large tree pruning.
  • Debris hauling.
  • Grading work.