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Disc Golf Course Designer

DGA recommends that a qualified disc golf course designer design your course. We refer our customers to the Disc Golf Course Designers (DGCD), a group of qualified designers located throughout the country. DGA has no affiliation with this group other than the shared goal of designing the best possible Disc Golf courses for the growth of the game.

A qualified course designer will not only be able to develop the best holes with the best flow for your course, but he or she will also be able to identify things the casual designer would not think about. Qualified course designers consider essential technical and safety issues and systematically design a course with these items and the overall design goals in mind.

A few things designers study are prevailing winds, potential erosion and rain run off, water pooling and potential muddy areas. Additional concerns a designer takes into account are tree and plant protection and the elimination of the potential for errant discs entering a street, playground, picnic area, ball field or other peak day-use area. Designers determine the proper hole lengths to provide an appropriate level of challenge for each set of tee pads, similar to the multiple tees seen on each hole of regular golf courses.

A good course design will last for decades and cater to all levels of play and players.