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Stock Disc Hot Stamp Designs

DGA Tournament Packages are made with your own custom designed disc stamp, however, if you don’t have a design ready, DGA has stock hot stamp disc designs to help. DGA stock hot stamps have been designed for easy personalization with your club or tournament info.

If you are not familiar with DGA Tournament Sponsorship Packages, please visit the DGA Tournament Sponsorship Packages web page to find out more. There is a 100 disc minimum order for DGA Tournament Sponsorship Packages and each package comes with different merchandise and gear depending on the type and size of the package you purchase. DGA stock designs are customized with your tournament information, are free for SP Tournament Sponsorship Packages and only $20.00 for all other DGA Tournament Sponsorship Packages.

Each stock hot stamp design image shown has an identifying number 1-8 in the upper left corner to be used when ordering, these images are not part of the design.