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SP Line Aftershock Mid-Range Disc

SP Line Aftershock Mid-Range Disc

SP Line Aftershock Mid-range DiscThe SP Line Aftershock mid-range disc is the less stable compliment to the Shockwave mid-range disc. The SP Line Aftershock can handle huge anhyzer lines and still produce a significant amount of fade at the end of its flight. Designed to fly slightly faster and less stable than the Shockwave, you can use the SP Line Aftershock off the tee, or for long range approach shots. This disc can handle any arm speed and sticks to the line that you put it on!

The SP Line Aftershock is a great mid-range disc for all players . Try the Shockwave and Aftershock combo today and take your mid-range game to the next level!

DGA SP Line is DGA’s top end premium blend of plastic. SP Line plastic will take a little longer to beat in than other DGA plastic blends. The SP Line is DGA’s fastest plastic blend and produces slightly more stable flight characteristics. SP Line discs are transparent and have sparkle flakes suspended in the plastics.
DGA was first to popularize sparkle flakes in their production offerings. Every DGA’s SP Line disc is not only aesthetically pleasing but will raise your game to its highest level.

  • Reliable mid-range
  • Predictable flight
  • Increased fade

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SP Line Aftershock Mid-Range Disc Specs


    • Diameter: 21.5 cm
    • Rim Width: 1.3 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
    • Weight Range: 167 – 177+

    SP Line Aftershock Mid-range Disc Flight Chart

    • Speed: 4
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 2