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DGA Player Spotlight: Tony Shirley

DGA Player Spotlight: Tony Shirley

Tony Shirley is the newest addition to DGA’s ProLine Team. Tony has been playing disc golf since 2006 and has been hooked since his first round. Currently Tony is living in Arlington, TX and has a career as a truck driver. This job has been providing him the opportunity to play new courses in different states everyday, and because of this, Tony is able to experience all different types of courses and course designs.

PDGA #: 40220

Home Course: Veterans Park DGC

Home Town: Arlington, TX

Favorite DGA Disc: Cat 5 Hurricane

Tony has been touring the entire 2012 season and has racked up an outstanding amount of wins along the way, including:

  • Port City Ice Bowl
  • One Round Challenge at Lake Park
  • Cedar Hill Chill
  • Duncan Lake Hillclimber Open
  • Z Boaz Open
  • One Round Challenge at Mt. Lebanon
  • Wild Hair
Tony Shirley

DGA ProLine Player Spotlight: Tony Shirley

When asked, Tony said that his most memorable win was in 2010 at the Dynamic Discs Cedar Hill Open. Tony stated, “That it seemed as though every drive and putt went right where they were supposed to go and that allowed me to play in a very relaxed state of mind.”

He also mentioned that his favorite part about playing disc golf is the opportunity he now has to meet new friends and develop new friendships all over the country. This is something that he would not have been able to do if it were not for finding this great sport.

When he does find free time in his busy schedule, Tony enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife and youngest son. Good luck out there the rest of this season Tony and keep representing for Steady Ed and Team DGA!



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