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DGA Mach X – Reflex and Recoil Chain (Featurette 2 of 3)

DGA Mach X – Reflex and Recoil Chain (Featurette 2 of 3)

The second of three videos that highlight the unique features of the Mach X basket.

This DGA Mach X featurette spotlights the Reflex Chain and Recoil Chain Connectors.
- Reflex Chain -
Starting with the reflex chain design first incorporated in the Mach Lite, DGA has taken this concept a step further. A third, smaller strand of chain has been added that has multiple benefits. The inward angle it creates as it approaches the connection ring acts as a guidance feature that redirects the disc downward, ensuring it comes to rest in the basket. The added benefit of this smaller strand of chain is that it closes the gap between the inner and outer sections of chain, assisting to prevent a “spit through” on putts that miss slightly left or right of center.

- Recoil Chain Connector -
Adding to the Unified Chain Design concept of the Mach X, we have taken the next step in basket development by connecting the inner and outer sections of chain together near the bottom of the chain assembly. This section of connected chain strands help to absorb the energy inflicted onto the soft outer chain section, allowing this chain to stay in position.

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