Downloadable print and web versions of the DGA logo. DGA logo usage guidelines.

Projects, companies, clubs and tournament using DGA products or being sponsored by DGA are encouraged to use the DGA logo on their websites, brochures, packaging, and elsewhere. You may not use the logo or its likeness as a company logo or for any other commercial purpose without permission from DGA. User groups may use the DGA logo in their materials, as long as they don’t make any profit from it and comply with usage guidelines. The DGA logo is a registered trademark of the Disc Golf Association, (DGA), which is responsible for defending against any damaging or confusing uses. In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to promote DGA and the DGA community. Derivative versions of the DGA logo are generally prohibited, as they dilute DGA’s brand identity. However, please contact the DGA if you have any questions.

DGA®Logo Pack Download

Download the DGA Logo Pack (v1) (1.0MB ZIP)

The logo pack has the following bitmap and vector variants of the logo:

  • JPG format — JPG export from Illustrator.
  • PDF format — opens in any application that supports PDF.
  • PNG format— the preferred format for web use.