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Deaf Disc Golf Videos from Team Member Kent Schafer

Deaf Disc Golf Videos from Team Member Kent Schafer

We recently updated Ambassador Team Member Kent Schafer’s page with some great tutorial deaf disc golf videos. Kent has been an incredible ambassador for the sport of disc golf. These videos are just one small contribution to the disc golf community. Kent’s home town is Springfield, IL., and his home town course is a 6 holer at Wisconsin school for the Deaf where he introduces 100+ students yearly to disc golf.

Make sure to swing by Ambassador Team member Kent Schafer’s team page to check out his bio and his deaf disc golf tutorial videos. The deaf disc golf tutorial videos are down the page below his bio and include are video lessons for Driving, Tactics, Disc Stability, Rollers, Hydration, Out of Bounds, Putting Lessons and Strategy.

If interested in finding out more about deaf disc golf check out the DDGA site. The DDGA has an active forum for all things deaf disc golf related as well.

If you are new to disc golf and want to find out more about the sport make sure to read up on Disc Golf Education and Development as well as the Disc Golf Rules for Recreational Play.

If you have any questions about deaf disc golf and you want to contact Kent leave a comment on his bio page and we will make sure that he gets it.


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