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July Product of the Month: DGA Flex SP Hurricane (Limited Edition) Driver

  • DGA Flx SP Hurricane (Limited Edition) 1
  • DGA Flx SP Hurricane (Limited Edition) 4
  • DGA Flx SP Hurricane (Limited Edition) 2
  • DGA Flx SP Hurricane (Limited Edition) 3

The fan favorite driver in DGA’s line up is now available in a limited edition Flex SP plastic. The Flex blend of plastic makes this SP Line disc gummier and a touch more stable than the usual SP Line Hurricane. The added grip and stability only help to improve this incredible flying high speed driver.

The Flex SP Line Hurricane is a limited edition disc and was produced in a very small batch of less than 1,000 total units. This is considered one of the more rare DGA discs out there today, and is also a really great thrower. The Hurricane is the fastest and furthest flying disc in the DGA line up. You’ll find this disc effortless to control and unlike many other wide rim discs, the Flex SP Line Hurricane will feel great in your hand to insure proper release.

Pick yours up today at your local DGA disc golf vendors using the Store Locator or check out one of our preferred disc golf vendors below.


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