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September Product of the Month – Hurricane

  • Canes

The Hurricane is DGA’s fastest high-speed driver that was designed for players looking to add more distance to their driving game.

The Hurricane is the fastest and furthest flying disc in the DGA line up. It offers amazing glide and can help those with slower arm speeds to get some of their longest drives ever! You’ll find this disc effortless to control and unlike many other wide rim discs, the Hurricane will feel great in your hand to insure proper release.

The Hurricane in ProLine plastic offers superior grip and tack right out of the box. The ProLine model Hurricane is great for all-weather conditions and is designed to take a beating over time.

The Hurricane in SP Line plastic is more over stable and slightly faster than the ProLine model. To put it bluntly, the SP Line Hurricane is a beast, and perfect for predictable max distance or fighting strong head winds. The SP Line Hurricane will also take a little longer to break in, but will last a lifetime due to its premium plastic blend.

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