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2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

Congratulations to all the 2013 Collegiate Cla$h Disc Golf Teams and Winners!

Day one of the 2013 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships was a wet one. Driving rain and cold temperatures welcomed the 61 teams, representing 42 different schools, this past April, all competing for this year’s collegiate title. While all the teams were trying to shake the shivers and jitters, there were two teams in attendance that had already won…so to speak.

National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships

National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships

During the opening ceremonies that day, the teams representing California State University Monterey Bay and Oregon State University were presented with cash scholarships each totaling $1500.00, valuable cash that assisted each team in traveling across country to compete for a national title in collegiate disc golf. Two more teams in attendance, North Carolina State University and University of California Santa Barbara, each received $250.00 scholarships to aid their disc golf programs.

Each of the teams listed above along with others around the country participated in the Collegiate Cla$h Disc Golf Scholarship and Fundraiser program created by DGA.

DGA with the CSUMB 2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

Scott Keasey from DGA with the CSUMB 2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

Started by former collegiate disc golfers within DGA, the program is designed to assist disc golf clubs and teams within higher education raise money to further their disc golf programs. Disc golf is still gaining legitimacy and support within the college ranks, but in the meantime, many of the teams participating in the NCDGC are raising their own funds so that they can put themselves in a situation to compete for their schools. DGA recognizes this fact and has designed a program that can help these clubs and teams raise funds through selling discs and by earning points. Teams keep all profits from the discs they sell and earn points that can be redeemed for disc golf baskets or saved with the hope of earning enough points to qualify for one of three cash scholarships given out.
When this past year’s Cla$h ended the two leading teams were tied for first place for points earned, splitting the first place($2000) and second place scholarships ($1000) each taking home $1500. Each of these teams sold their discs and raised their points in very different, yet equally effective ways.

CSUMB hosted two fundraising events. The first was in November, the West Coast College Open and the second in February, the CSUMB Otter Open. For each of these events, the club bought Collegiate Cla$h fundraiser discs and provided them in player’s packages. Discs they would have purchased regardless.

DGA with the OSU 2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

Scott Keasey from DGA with the OSU 2013 Collegiate Cla$h Winners

OSU ordered the discs and worked with local disc golf organizations in their area to move them. They sold discs to local disc golf retail stores, disc golf clubs, campus retail locations to get the discs in people’s hands. This also was a valuable way to introduce their collegiate team to supportive groups in their local area and draw attention of their intentions of traveling to Nationals and represent their local region in disc golf. OSU sold all of their discs in just two weeks using this method.

DGA was on hand at this year’s NCDGC to present the two first place teams with ceremonial checks and to congratulate each team in person. Valuable feedback was received by the teams and needless to say, there is momentum building going into next years Collegiate Cla$h.

Details for this coming year’s Collegiate Cla$h will be released later this summer. DGA encourages any collegiate discgolfer interested in the program to join the Collegiate Cla$h Facebook Group page for ongoing updates and to get in contact with any questions or to discuss further.

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